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House Swap and Hospitality services

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Swap-House.com is a website that combines both hospitality and house swap services

Swap-House.com was created with the idea to incorporate at the same two services that are gaining popularity among tourists all over the world – hospitality and house swap.

What Is Hospitality Network?

The gist of Hospitality Service is to let tourists from other countries stay in your house or apartment for free. After logging in and adding his or her home to the system, the couchsurfer can contact other registered users with the request to stay at their place.

What Is House Swap (Home Exchange)?

House Swap or Home Exchange differs from the first type in that the users do not stay at each other’s homes but exchange their houses or apartments for an agreed period of time. Yet, the idea is the same: it is necessary to log in and add your home to the system. After that you will be able to interact with other users.

In the process of creating this service we have tried to take into account all the drawbacks of similar existing websites, use their advantages and incorporate all of this in Swap-House.com – the new hospitality and home exchange project.

House Swap and Hospitality Network video

House Swap and Hospitality on the World Map: